We're Hiring

For centuries humans have sought to understand our place in the cosmos. Yet an Enigma remains in the skies above. It deserves our attention and collective intelligence. For the first time, we have the tools to answer this question.

Enigma labs is hiring across many roles, including but not limited to the engineering roles below:

Front-end, both iOS and Android

  • Lead development of consumer app
  • This build requires solutions-oriented engineers. We’re seeking hires with front-end iOS developers with any of:
  • Cartography x data-visualization (see Star Walk), in a graphics context (Metal)
  • E2EE messaging (we’re using matrix.io)


  • Experience with ADSB, weather datasets
  • Disparate data-set consumption and standardization
  • OCR and NLP, associated pipelining & modeling

Data visualization

  • Experience reducing complex datasets for mobile and web delivery
  • Dynamic analysis interfaces with multivariate filtering capabilities
  • UX and UI designers with a flare for accessible research-grade visuals

We are growing fast. Reach out to us at [email protected].